Evangelicals Don’t Believe in Revival

A Mid-Day Prayer for Revival

Forest Ruin

“Few evangelical Christians in the West today believe in the reality of revival. To most, revival is no more than a dream. To them revival of the supernatural kind is something of the past.”

Erroll Hulse, writing in 1993 of what
he observed in Christians then

“We are like a ruin buried in a forest Lord, a shadow of the glory the church once had. O God forgive us for not believing that what You have done in the past You cannot do again. Forgive us for our lack of faith, our lack of passion, our lack of heartbreak over the state of the nation and of our own souls. Lord, the psalmist cried out in Psalm 119:136 . . .

‘My eyes shed streams of tears,
because people do not keep Your law.’     (ESV)

When was the last time we cried A TEAR over people not caring to keep Your law? Forgive us for our spiritual apathy Lord. But would you, O great Sovereign, do more than forgive us? Would You change us? Would You revive us so that the nations might see that You are a God for them too. We ask it in name of the One who rose and so Your name would be praised in all the earth. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Evangelicals Don’t Believe in Revival

  1. Marty, The Fellowship of Ailbe, ailbe.org, began an effort to sponsor groups of men to assemble and plead for revival; to do so regularly and nationwide. utilizing the then-new technologies that were becoming available through the internet. That was about 10-12 years ago. We now have about 15 groups meeting, some daily, some weekly, some monthly, to implore the Spirit to send revival to the Church.

    Write to TMMoore@ailbe.org for a list of contacts if you’re interested in joining one of the groups.

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