Blessing the Night

Blessing the Night 

An Evening Benediction at the Close of the Day

Moon Rise 1

“Evening falls and the owl begins its hooting outside and as it does we are reminded of Your gracious hand throughout the day. May our hearts be always drawn to you, O Lord, in whose presence we have labored in this day.
Flowers and vegetables were planted, books were read, files were put away, prayers were prayed, blog posts were posted and You watched over us in every moment. Some of us went to work, some of us were forced to quarantine. Now, may we rest in the wonder that we have never been alone and never will be because of the promises You have made. May we rest again this evening and rise tomorrow to live in Your light. Amen.”

Cf. Psalm 136; 2 Timothy 1:1-3; Matthew 28:20

Rest in Him. You are safe in His arms.


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