Like Shattered Glass, We are Broken

A Prayer at Mid-day for Revival

Brokenness 1

“Lord, we are broken. Our hearts are so fickle and and unresponsive to you. We react to every political and social interation and change with panic and gossip. We panic at Covid19 news, or economic news, or health news but are blase about crying out to You for our needs. A global pandemic is declared and instead of getting on our knees and crying out for your mercy for our neighbors who don’t know You we spend most of our time in home entertainment, home projects, and speculation about that latest news. We are more concerned about our own health and futures than those who have no eternity without you. 

We are broken Lord, but like shattered glass,
we are insensate to our need to be made whole.

Where is our heart for prayer? Where is our passion for our neighbors? Where is our longing for a closer walk with You? Not everyone has more time during this crisis but many do. Are we praying more? Are we meditating on your word more? Are we using our time in such a way that we are better prepared to love our neighbors? Only you know O God. But would you draw our hearts to You? Would you make us a people who yearns for Your will more than the air we breathe? Forgive us Lord, and make us a people who truly live passionately for and like our Savior, for the glory of Your name. Amen”

Stop and pray.

You need it, even if you don’t feel like it.

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