He Never Sleeps, So We Can Rest

A Benediction for the 25th Day of April

Sanctifying the day by directing the heart to God

The story is told that one night Martin Luther, exhausted from a day of disputing with critics, preaching to his flock, and writing to defend his teachings, went to the window of his room and prayed, “Lord, there is so much work to do but I am tired. It is your world, you take care of it. I am going to bed.” He told his friends that he slept well. Knowing that God is faithful is a powerful sedative.

Benediction 5

Encourage a friend. Pass it on.

One thought on “He Never Sleeps, So We Can Rest

  1. Yep. I did. Had spent the day going back over the Gospel Coalition’s prayer guide for April 4 day of prayer, then had supper. At bedtime the sirens went off…we checked to see what it was about, but it was 30 miles away…went to bed and to sleep. Didn’t hear the 3rd wave pass through 2 hours later.


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