Loving People in the Covid19 World


Some of the best ideas I have heard about how we can meet the needs of our world in the present moment.

  1. Reach out to neighbors whose children are suddenly home from school and offer to help with babysitting.
  2. Check in on any elderly neighbors or neighbors who you know have underlying health issues (COPD, emphysema, etc) and make sure that they are okay. Offer to pray with them and ask if they need anything.
  3. Help your neighbors not to panic by demonstrating reasonable precautions with a joyful heart. Try to give them a reason for the hope that is within you.
  4. If you find a deal on something that people who are in a self-quarantine situation might need, buy it for them and give it to them. And tell them you are praying for them.
  5. Pay attention to your neighbors. Some mom’s and dad’s will be walking with children on good weather days at times different from normal. Look for opportunity to engage, from a safe 6 foot distance, make a joke, smile, ask if they need help with anything.
  6. Restaurants workers are being especially hard hit. Ask any you know if they need any help. Take them a meal. The longer this goes the more stress these workers will have. Pray for them and ask God to lead you to what you might do.
  7. Remind yourself and everyone you can, to trust God. Nothing has happened that is a surprise to God. 
  8. Pray for your neighbors to recognize through their fears, their need for God and the gospel.
  9. Finally, if you are coughing or sneezing or have a runny nose, stay away from people, drink plenty of fluids, rest and keep washing your hands. That too is a way to serve people.

Carol Moore sent this from the Gospel Coalition
The practical ideas for showing Jesus’ love:
Covid-19 Checklist for Followers of Jesus:
1. ____ I’ve checked on one local elderly friend to let him/her know I’m willing to make a grocery run now to keep him/her out of crowds and offer assistance if needed as the virus passes through my town.
2. ____ I’ve donated to a local organization that stands ready to help the helpless in my community if a crisis escalates locally.
3. ____ I’ve donated to an international organization that cares for orphans in a country in which Covid-19 has run rampant. (Including one I love in the comments.)
4. ____ I’ve contacted at least one out-of-town friend to ask if he/she needs me to mail any sort of supplies that are available in my area.
5. ____ I’ve reached out to at least one family with an immune-compromised member to let them know I’m praying and see if I can run out to buy groceries for them as the virus passes.
6. ____ I’ve evaluated my own motives, preparation, and behavior to make sure I’m not likely to add complexity to my community resources.
7. ____ I’ve continued to invest in my local and national economy.
8. ____ I’ve found ways to resist fear-based racism in my daily conversation about the virus.
9. ____ I’ve expressed gratitude and respect for at least one public official who is walking into the face of the virus (police, 911 operators, firefighters, doctors, nurses) for the good of others.
10. ____ I’m praying daily for God to use my hands, feet, words, and life to serve others.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
 from The Gospel Coalition
“What the Early Church Can Teach Us about the Coronavirus”

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