Ethnic Separation: Is It Always Wrong?

Ethnic Diversity 2

Came Across This Quote: and didn’t like it

“Some of our Sunday morning separation is not wrong; it’s just a matter of cultural preferences similar to the variety on our radio dial. People like certain genres of music. It’s not often you will find country, blues, jazz, hip hop and rock music all on the same station. Variety is a good thing.”  

(Quote Source: Jeff Krall at!)

Ethnic diversity 1I get that, but . . .

  1. When congregations are ethnically separated and mono-cultural by intention . . .
  2. When congregations are ethnically segregated because historically, the church has been gutless with regard to confronting racism, . . .
  3. When congregations are deliberately unfriendly to particular ethnicities . . .
  4. When congregations refuse to see populations that are near because they are ethnically different . . .
  5. When congregations refuse to companion with churches that are ethnically different because they are ethnically different . . .
  6. When congregations don’t plan to take the gospel to some neighborhoods because they are ethnically different . . .
  • then Christ is not honored, and
  • the gospel is compromised, and 
  • then racism gets a foothold, and
  • an opportunity is missed to display the beauty of Christ, and
  • the wickedness of man is allowed to hinder the work of the gospel, and 
  • shame comes to the Church because sin is being left unconfronted.

Let’s start more and more churches that will intentionally work to adorn the gospel of Christ with a picture of the multitudes in heaven who will bow their knees from every tribe and tongue, every ethnicity, every age, every nation as . . .

the ONE People of God.

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