7 Ideas for Summer Outreach (Part 2)

Summer FlowersMy last post (also with a ‘river’ of flowers) started a conversation about ideas and ways to interact with neighbors during the summer months.

  1. Practice the Ministry of Presence.   —see previous post
  2. Create Opportunities to be Present.  —see previous post
  3. Invite.  —see previous post
  4. Serve and Sacrifice for Them.  —see previous post
  5. Use your holidays.  You are off. They are off. Try to bring your neighbors together. The culture creates a number of opportunities for us. 4th of July, New Years fireworks. Labor Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day. Find a way to use these holidays for the advancement of the Gospel (Philippians 1:12). Could you invite them to something?
    Could you host something?
    Could you help with something?
    Could you serve them in some way so that they could enjoy these holidays? (For example, a couple without children might sit the neighbors youngest children so mom and dad can have a much needed date? Or, agree to watch the house and take care of the neighbor’s dog so the family can get away for an extended weekend.)
  6. Attend the events in your community and neighborhood that bring people together. Examples?  In our community there is a VERY active homeowners committee that loves to organize social activities. Fourth of July–there is a community activity. Christmas, same thing. Holloween, the neighborhood is transformed into a 10 year-old child-with-a sugar craving fantasy. The point is, “showing up” is a great way to build relationships and do some homework on who your neighbors are. Think of ways that you can use the holidays.
  7. Throw a Party. Could you have a Summer pool party for your five closest neighbors? Could you have a Summer-ending party? How about a Baseball Playoff Party? “I never heard of such a thing,” you might say. Good, then it will have its own uniqueness to it to attract people in your neighborhood bringing your sports-loving friends together. Remember, there is no impact without contact. Be creative.

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