Weekend Links to Make You Think and Laugh and Maybe, Pray

The video above show the stunning impact of one man’s hatred.
Hitler and the National Socialist Party’s (NAZIs) gave the world a history
lesson that we need to relearn. Socialism is regression.

Politics, Environment, World View, Cultural Engagement

The Reason Renewables Can’t Power Modern Civilization    Article from Forbes documenting the difficulty and checkered history and future of renewable energy sources. Going “renewable” is not as easy as some would have us believe.

CNN Series, in a Departure from the Norm, Affirms Faith in God    Van Jones series (Redemption Project: Grace, Compassion and Forgiveness) points to God in the darkest of situations. Brief article by John Stonestreet from the Colson Center and Breakpoint.

College Students Don’t Understand Free Speech or the First Ammendment There is such ignorance and nonsense on our college campuses one begins to wonder if it really is the best way forward if you want to get an education at all.

Christianity, Worship, Apologetics

How to Bring Art Back into the Church     Beauty is a real thing. For too long, the church has abandoned beauty for an overly practical and functional approach to all things. But beauty is real and the body of Christ needs to re-engage with the arts. Here’s help in moving in the right direction.

Zombie Arguments: “Born this Way”  The Zombie Arguements that Just Won’t Die  Listen to or read this timely argument from John Stonestreet on why the biblical teaching on same sex relationships is still right.

New York Times Report: Conservative Women Happier in Marriage    Biblical principles work people. An article that is sure to upset the anti-religion crowd around the country.

Pastors Share the Types of Criticism They Get    Yeah. Just yeah.

After the Mainline Protestant Denominations Refind their Christian Mind  Interesting take on the the progressive movment refinding orthodoxy. My hope is that the orthodoxy they find would help them re-question and re-examine some of the leftist political commitments that caused them to abandon orthodoxy in the first place.

Working to Make the World a Better Place to Live is Something Christians Should be Both Interested and Involved     This is not the title of the article referenced but it could have been. The actual title is a little bit of “click bait”. But the issue is basically this: the preaching of the gospel is our priority in this life but that does not mean that we should not be engaged in the cultural battle for a better world now.

Gardening, Fun, and Oddities, and Inspiration

Growing Mounds of Potatoes in Your Garden    Going to try this in the Fall and than compost all of the process into my normal Spring time garden, minus the potatoes I harvest of course.

The Gurkha Warrior: One of the World’s Best Fighters   These guys are formindable.

Growing Better Tomatoes    Basic but helpful.

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