Curated Links for Growth and Thought

Stone-Sculpture (karl peverall)
Stone Sculpture – Carl Peverall

Worldview, Politics, and Cultural Engagement

Will I Be Fully Accepted As a Gay Man at Your Church?”   Helpful. Churches need to have this conversation. 

Ten Things You should Know Know about the Dangers of Media    I wonder if people wrote articles about “ten things you should know about automobiles” when cars began to dominate the American scene? Did they also write, “ten things you should know about horse manure and it scarcity” at the same time?  Whether they did or didn’t, in our time, articles like this are necessary.

A Secular Jew Makes a Surprising Discovery about Slavery and Christians   This is a must read article! FASCINATING. Truly fascinating. History is so complicated which is another reason not to trust the first take of most media narratives.

I Thought Christians Were Stupid and Bigots    “Giving up something that is valuable for something that is more valuable” is what the Christian life is all about. In the soverign plan of God, it may be that those who leave the LGBTQ lifestyle have more to teach the Body of Christ about living for Christ than some of our most seasoned saints.

Christianity, Devotion, and Worship

Should Christians Just Admit that the Bible ‘Got it Wrong’, and Move On?   Al Mohler with a helpful critque of a common claim by the progressive wing of the Church.

Be Remembered: My Grandpa, the Bridge Builder     A grandson of Dr. Warren Wiersbe writes an appreciation of his life. A life well lived serving the Lord Jesus Christ. One year in Nebraska as a young preacher, Dr. Wiersbe preached the morning service and I preached in the evening. I don’t think I ever felt more inadequate. Thank you Lord for Dr. Wiersbe and his legacy.

How Christianity’s Uniqueness Makes it Compelling: No Trinity, No Love   by Jared Wilson. Doctrine matters and this brief article is a good reminder.

How Emotion-Driven Churches are Ruining Christians  Honestly, not a great article if you are looking for beauty of expression of profound thoughts. But just as honestly, this is a great start to a conversation that our churches need to have because the author is spot on in his observation. Emotion-driven churches are missing the mark and leading Christians into shallow and deadly waters.

The Best Ways to Cut the Church Budgets      Some suggestions for churches with limited budgets. How to thrive in the periodic seasons when giving doesn’t keep up with vision.

Four Reasons Mega-Church Pastors are Susceptible to Falling     I can think of about a dozen other reasons but this is still a helpful start. 

The Church Needs More Church History     “After our visit, one question niggled at the back of my mind: How many Christians know the names and stories of countless Hollywood stars but remain unaware of the most important people and stories in church history? Hollywood cares about its history. Does the church?”

History, Fun, Gardening, and Just Plain Interesting

Six Revolutionary War Soldiers Survived Long Enough to be Photographed    I love history. Generations are connected by longer and thicker threads than we realize.

7 Common Mistakes in Raised Bed Gardening    I just finished putting in my garden for the summer but this gives me some new ideas for next year and even this Fall.

Three-Year Old Flies Across Country to Surprise Military Mom    Yeah. Get the kleenex.

The Messiah Lives!

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