Weekend Links: Brides and Abortion; Censorship; Recycling; John Frame; Archeology, Inspiration


First Dry Day the Transformation Will Begin

Culture, Entertainment and Politics

Bride Wanted Her Bridesmaid to Have an Abortion Because the Wedding was a “Child Free” Affair     No words would suffice. The barbarity of our “so-called, civiilization” continues to sink lower and lower.

Man finded $55,000 for Calling a Male a Male   Believe science? Believe the Bible? Believe what every society before this one has always believed? Be prepared to pay the government. It’s happening in Canada and it is just a matter of time before it happens here unless the nation regains its senses.

Does Recycling Help?    I have long been a big recylcer, repurposer, reuser. It is a matter of some personal pride that between my compostor and our reusing/repurposing and simple living, I only have to take a can to the curb every 6 weeks or so (usually more). So it is a little disappointing to find that our technology has not caught up to our desire. But facts are facts.

Flooding in the Midwest is Going to GREATLY impact Food Prices All Summer    An important article about the biggest news story of the year that the media is not covering because of its 1) obsession with politics, 2) its disregard for “fly-over” country, and 3) its commitment to trivialities on one end and violence on the other.

How the “War on Poverty” Failed   Documentation that the poverty level had dropped from, roughly, 32% in 1946 to 14.5% by 1966 then rose ever since the “war on poverty” was declared. It was declining for 20 years! How did it go so wrong?

Christianity, Apologetics, and Devotion

Jordan Peterson: High Priest for a Secular Age   “Unless Peterson buys wholesale into the Christian faith, his solution is insubstantial; metaphysically, it is little more than a banquet of crushed ice and vapor.”

Framing John Frame     One of the most interesting and influential theologians in America, John Frame recently turned 80 years of age. Retired since 2017, he continues to write and teach and is a great help to the church. I only met Dr. Frame, once when I was briefly enrolled in a Th.M. program at Westminster but found him to be as gracious and thoughtful as his books.  

The Split Rock of Horeb in Saudi Arabia    Evidence for the Exodus? 

Why is FaceBook Censoring a Conference on Christianity and Religious Freedom?    Eleven Christians lose their lives EVERY HOUR somewhere in the world simply for believing in Christ. Over a 100,000 believers every year lose their lives to persecution. Still, the gospel goes forward despite these subtractions and despite the systematic censorship of information about the slaughter by groups like Facebook.

Sports, Fun, Inspiration

Family of Six Loses both Parents to Cancer, But the Community Steps Up    We need more stories like this in our broken world.


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