Weekend Links: Sobering Help for Sinning Saints

I want to build a stick sculpture in the woods behind my house.

Christianity, Help for Preachers, Devotion

“Oh, . . . and I’m Bi-Sexual”   Some counsel on how to relate to the faddish announcement of sexual experimentation.

Preaching through Romans?    If you are preaching through or studying the book of Romans, after you have read the book, and read the book again, this would be a great place to start. Five scholars sit down to talk about the purpose and logic of the book.

Three Sanity Checks for Odd Bible Interpretations    Oh how I wish pastors and layman and women alike would heed the wisdom of articles like this. Good counsel. Read it and study your Bible well.

Evangelicals Show No Sign of Decline    Media narrative to the contrary, evangelical faith in the USA is holding steady.  Bad news? It isn’t increasing.  What are we doing? We need to pray and preach.

He Killed His Wife and Children–Can He Be Forgiven   Podcast of John Piper responding to a woman’s question. Powerful answer that reveals the heart and beauty of the gospel and the greatness of God as well as the corruption of our own thinking and hearts. 

Pastors Need to Slay the Significance Monster    In light of the pastoral implosions in Chicago (Hybels and MacDonald), the doctrinal disasters of other high-profile former pastors (McLaren and Rob Bell) and accountability blunders of still others (Mark Driscoll, C.J. Mahaney), ALL pastors and ministry leaders should take a sober look at what they are living for and whether or not ministry has become an idol and Christ and His glory has become secondary. Men, let’s not get added to this list. The hard-hitting reality that this message by Crawford Loritts was made at a Mars Hill conference and introduced by Mark Driscoll and STILL IT WAS NOT ENOUGH for Mark Driscoll himself, is humbling and scary.

A Letter from Eugene Peterson on Christian Celebrities, Transitions and the Mega-Church   Included here because it companions with the link above. Thanks to Daniel Im for the article.

Politics, World Events, and Culture

Chinese Official Vows to Eliminate Christianity From China    He can vow. He can try. And the church may suffer. But Christ will build His church despite his efforts. Meanwhile, the people of God should pray and work to defend their brothers and sisters and advocate for those who are persecuted.

Unplanned    Movie to be released March 29!   DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE! It is the true life story of a former Planned Parenthood abortion provider who is now a prolife activist. Let’s end the horror of abortion.

2 Million People March against Abortion     More proof of how radical USA abortion laws are. The USA is out of step with the rest of the world.  This, from Argentina.

The Life Long Struggles of Frederick Douglass   Short article of a mighty man used of God. Title, “Slaves Sing Most When They are Most Unhappy”.

Fun, Sports 

Carson Wentz on His Injury and How the Scripture Encouraged Him   Love the interview and the humility that Carson displays. “There is always a bigger story being told.”

Funny, Funny Man     Tim Hawkins spoof of Starbucks and its patrons to the tune of The Sounds of Silence.

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