Weekend Links to Make You Laugh and Cry

Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle
Looking Forward to Seeing a Lot of these When the Sun Comes Out

Just for Fun

Hilarious Video of a Mic-ed Up 4-Year-Old Learning to Skate and Play Ice Hockey    Go get your wife or husband; blow it up full-screen, turn up the speakers and sit back and have a good laugh!

Politics, Culture and Worldview

Christians and Socialism, How Should We Think?   This is a collection of articles and links to help Christians think wisely about the issues involved.

Is this What the Future Looks Like for the Republican Party?    Short bio and discussion of young Texas conservative Dan Crenshaw.

Young Men Opting Out of Marriage   Interesting and distressing article unless you are a Christian and have a hope that isn’t determined or undermined by circumstances. 

Christianity, Devotion and Worship

If you Don’t Care About the Poor, You Don’t Understand the Gospel     J.D. Greear, current president of the Southern Baptist Convention gives some gospel clarity to the justice conversation.

A Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality     Protestants don’t read Catholic writers enough. I get it. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t real value in some the RCC’s teaching and thinking on the great moral themes of our times. This article is helpful.

Three Ways to Make Your Church Feel and Function More Like a Family   Short, simple and practical. You just have to determine in your mind you will do it. Lead it. Teach to it. Model it. Celebrate it. And it will happen.

How Churches Commit Suicide     Following the culture rahter than Jesus is a sure-fire way to invite the wrath of God. Jesus told a first century church he would spit them out of his mouth. Matt Walsh lays it on the line in this post. 


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