Weekend Links for the Discerning Reader

the sailors of the us navy

Science and Technology

How the Origin of Life Points to the Existence of God   Short video discussing origins and unlikelihood of life coming from inorganic materials. 

New Tsunami Warning Could Get More People to Safety

Politics, Culture, Public Morality, Entertainment

A Queer Positive PCA Church    A truly alarming article about the departure from orthodoxy in both the PCA and InterVarsity Christian (No Longer) Fellowship. Departure for he “faith once delivered” (Jude) is not progress and it is not pleasing to God.

CNN Writer Calls Biblical Morality “Disgusting”    Very helpful article. This is not just a call to alertness as to what is happening in the culture. It has genuine counsel on steps to take, grace to show and prayers to pray as we labor for the gospel in an increasingly hostile culture.

Another Perspective on Gillette’s Ad     Meet the CEO putting it all on the line and swimming upstream against the cultural narrative that most men are the problem with the culture.

Why China is Scary and the US and the World Need to Wake Up     “This article is one of the most fascinating and disturbing studies of modern communist China that I have ever read. It explains a great deal. To me, it is clear proof that we are in an ideological war to the death and we do not realize it. Many Americans have believed that when China instituted “freedoms” decades ago that it had turned the page on the past. This article will disabuse you of that fallacy in a very serious way.  Also, it makes clear why both Christianity and Islam must be controlled and destroyed in order to continue the vision of China’s current, very powerful leader who considers himself the inheritor of both Mao and Stalin.”   (Coleman Luck)

Christianity, The Church, Apologetics

Skin, Bones and a Little Bit of Muscle   From the Last Breath Blog: Reflections from a dying Christian and other ponderings.  John Gieger is a former student, but more importantly a friend who is dying of MLS. But his passion remains the same. To love God by enjoying Him forever and to use every breath to help others to do the same. John’s time is limited, as is all of our time, but his horizon looks very close. Listen to him. He is showing us how to die and live well.

Bryan Chapell on the State of the PCA    Not your denomination? Don’t let that scare you away. What the PCA is dealing with EVERY denomination is dealing with or will shortly. There are some keen observations and some real practical wisdom in Dr. Chapell’s words. May God help us all to contend for the truth once delivered. Culture has shifted and church needs to wake up before Orthodoxy in America is a thing of the past.

Why We Can’t Just Agree to Disagree on Homosexuality in the Church   This is an important topic. And here is a reasonable start to the discussion.

Why We Don’t Take God More Seriously   Short article. Helpful. Four points to check out to diagnose your soul.

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