Pence Controversy; Christianity; Borders and Walls; Prosperity Gospel; John Piper and much more

The Weekend Links

Disclaimer: An article in the list below does not mean that the curator (me) agrees with all points or perspectives expressed. It means there is something worth reading and thinking about in the article. Enjoy.
not in sc
When the Fire Hydrant Bursts at -25F

The picture above — this doesn’t happen in South Carolina!

Christianity, Apologetics, and the Church

Nicholas Kristof Interviews William Lane Craig on the Virgin Birth   Opinion columnist for the New York Times interviews Craig on the necessity of the virgin birth to Christianity. The interview is too short and Kristof continually tries to bait Craig into tangents, but it is instructive how Dr. Craig doesn’t bite and doesn’t get distracted into more complex issues that would take more time to develop and defend.

The Story Behind John Piper’s Most Famous Attack on the Prosperity Gospel    Background stories are nearly always fascinating and this one is no exception. I hope you will takethe time to read the whole article as well as listen to the clip of John Piper’s most famous attack on the prosperity gospel. I’m with John.

In China, they are Closing Churches, Removing Crosses and Arresting Pastors    They are even rewriting the Scriptures to make them conform to socialist and communist teaching. Alarming developments in China for the 60 million believers there. Pray for the Church and ask your Congressman or Senator if they are aware of the situation and what can they do about it.

The Left is Outraged Because the Vice President and His Wife are Christians   Joe Walsh nails it in this short article.

Karen Pence, Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been, a Part of a Christian Ministry?    The level of animus toward Historic Christianity in the Literati of Left is moving from comical to dangerous. David French with a powerful and insightful article from the National Review.

Science and Technology

How Beauty is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution     The article doesn’t go far enough but it is fascinating to read the literature and it is steeped in naturalistic assumptions as its starting point. My devotional thought is that God delights in beauty and has created such beauty in such places (remote jungles and remote galaxies included) that only He in his omnipresence can completely and always enjoy. He is magnificent in all His perfections.

Alien-looking Ice Sheet Developing on a River    The wierdness of our world, the creativity of our God in the design of the laws of universe is stunning.  All hail the creator. Thanks to my friend Peter Gleason for passing this on to me.

Politics, Culture and Entertainment

The Biggest Civil Rights Issue of the Modern World    Think about this. The Bible says that God is the opener and closer of wombs (Genesis 29:31, 1 Samuel 1:5-6, and many others) and that he knew us before we were born (Psalm 139:13-16). In other words, he is sovereign over conception. Now think of this. In 2018 42 million babies, known by God from conception, were aborted world wide last year.

Worldometers    These are all estimates and subject to changing dynamics in every country but it is still very instructive. Take a look and see what I mean as the numbers tick by on a whole host of issues in up to the second estimates. Warning: You may be brought to tears. I hope you will be brought to prayer followed by action.

The World of Recycling is About to Change    I have always been a great recycler. It started when I watched a tear roll down the cheek of a native American in a stop trashing America commercial way back in the 60’s. My wife and I recycle or repurpose nearly every thing that comes into the house. An example, I only have to actually take trash trash out to the curb about once every 6 weeks. We compost. If its paper it goes one place. If it plastic or metal it goes another.  Turns out we may not be helping the environment as much as we thought. Life is complicated.

Listen: CNN Analyst’s Interview Goes Bad When She Accuses Black Fox Host of ‘White Privilege’   Opps!  Well that’s embarrassing.

Jim Acosta and the Border Wall Controversey    The media loves sound bites and uncomplicated narratives at times. Here’s one time when the facts available to the eye in the sound/video bite are actually at odds with the reality of what is going on at the border. Read the accompaning article with pictures.

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