Farmers Rock; Ruth Ginsburg, Horrible Christian movies; and much more.

wedding rings removed from holocaust victims
Wedding Rings Stolen from the Murdered Jews of Buchenwald Concentration Camp: We must never forget the horrors of fascism.

Just for Fun

Farmers Rock!    My four years in central Illinois gave me a great love and appreciation for farmers. Even though they were finished with me after four years, they will always be in my heart. So it was fun to run across this tonight.

For the Eagles fans!

Politics and Culture

Ruth Ginsburg’s Alarming Views of the Constitution   She is an accomplished jurist with a brilliant legal mind and has accomplished much and overcome much but Justice Ginsburgs view of the constitution that she is sworn to uphold are truly alarming. This is a longer article but worth reading all the way to the end.

Why are Christian Movies So Terrible?    I could have put this under the Church and Christianity but it is really vitally related to impacting the culture. Good analysis and a challenge to Christian to be artistic better. Let’s not use artistry as propaganda. Let’s learn to tell the story of the gospel in the most compelling and truthful way.

Progressive Christianity isn’t About Homosexuality    Another link that could have been put in the next category. Too often Christians get drawn into the trap of fighting symptoms rather than drilling down to the center of a particular argument. This is an article that provides help for “giving a reason for the hope that is in us” in a better and more biblically faithful way.

The Church, Chrisitanity and Devotion

What Non-Christians Really Say/Think about Christians (based on the research)  Thom Rainer is a trustworthy voice who is constantly asking these kind of questions of non-church-going-people and people who don’t identify as Christians. Helpful and thought provoking.

Persecution of Christians in Vietnam is Intensifying   Write your congressman to put pressure on the Vietnamese government to stop this persecution.

Light for the Letter of Jude   A small book with some confusing quotations. This short video is worth your time and cuts through the confusion.

Charles Spurgeon on the Entertainment-Driven Church    Please read this! Graciously help your church to stay faithful to the gospel.

The Gospel of an Imperfect Service    Some wisdom and perspective here. Despite all our planning, praying and organizing, most worshp services have various “hitches” in them. This goes for both large and small churches. This article will encourage your heart and perhaps give you some help in dealing with the overly critical member of the congregation that sees every mistake as an opprotunity for complaint rather than grace.

Should We Make a Beeline to the Cross from Every Text    In this powerful article John Piper helps us to reconsider this oft attributed philosophy to C.H. Spurgeon. There is some marvelous insight into what preaching ought to do and what the New Testament is all about. Read it carefully.

May His Cancer Heal Millions    Read. Weap. Rejoice. Herald the greatness of the gospel.

Science and Technology

World Famous Scientist: “God Created the Universe”    No evidence that he has become a Christian; no evidence that his view of God has room for a personal God but it is significant that he can’t get a way from an intelligent designer as he looks at the evidence.

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