Weekend Links are Back

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Church, Discipleshp and Christian Living

Seven Ways to Love Christians Who are Overweight    This is such a needed post. We need to love one another better. Here’s help for one particular group.

Why We Need to Bring Back Catechism     We need to give serious consideration about reshaping a modern catachetical approach to Sunday School  for our children. Building the ability to meditate on the doctrine in our children is crucial in our culture today.

Worship is More Important than Your Small Group   Amen. If we truly worship, if we truly give Him our adoration, we will do everything that He calls us to do better. We will love better, sacrifice better, serve better, disciple better, parent better. Everything starts with worship.

How Do We Deal with Habitual Sin?   There is so much nonsense and confusion related to how we progress in holiness away from our sin. Here is a 25 minute sound file and brief article that helps make sense of the difference between justification and sanctification. Includes a brief discussion on fasting. Podcast episode Q&A with Michael Horton. 

Reaching Out to Neighbors this Holiday Season    Actually, most of what is said here is helpful all year long. Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer sit down to discuss the issue and this is the result. Helpful.

American Culture and Politics

America’s New Religions     Thesis: Political Cults are filling the space left by the decline of organized faiths.  Replacements. False premises still lead to emptiness and frustration.

8 Works of Fiction every Christian Should Read    Everyone will choose their own, but this is a a good place to start. Maybe I will put my own list of fiction-by-genre and non-fiction-by-century-lists together. Hmmmm.


Five Myths About the Trinity   As the church and the culture become increasingly a-theological, core doctrines of the faith will be attacked not because they are unbiblical or wrong but because they are not understood and studied. The Church in America in every denomination needs to step up its measures to insure sound doctrine is believed. Catechism anyone?

Why are So Many Millenial Christians Confused About Homosexuality?     Article by Dr. Michael Brown. Some good thoughts in need of deeper meditation. A good start.

Five Reasons I Hate the Prosperity Gospel    Me too.

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