Learning to Think Outside of Our Tribes

Emptiness sculpture and artist

Melancholy with the artist

Disclaimer: These weekend links, books and blog reviews do not mean that I agree with all of the content or perspective in any particular link. Their presence here means that I found them either thought provoking, interesting, persuasive, funny, useful, sad, informative, inspiring, and sometimes all of those things. I hope they are helpful to my readers.


The End of a Formerly Great Christian University?    We have seen this story throughout history. A Christian educational institution in the pursuit of an illusive acceptance in the world, begins to drift in its passion for Christ and it’s orthodox theological commitments. J.P. Moreland once said to me “People don’t lose their faith in graduate school because they come against superior arguments but because they want to become members of an academic club.” It’s happening again. Parents, listen to one of the professors at this formerly great Christian college. Be warned.

How Badly has the Bible Been Transmitted and Translated?    Scholar Daniel Wallace demonstrates that the basis for faith in the documents of the Bible, in particular the New Testament is vastly underestimated contral Bart Ehrman. (Long but very helpful and often funny.)

A Pastor’s Letter to His Young Self: Why Community Isn’t Enough   Youth is not the realm of wisdom. It is the realm of certainty, and passion, and idealism, and anger, and silliness masquerading as truth but rarely, wisdom. So it is a good thing when a young man looks back on his youth and corrects himself.

Devotion and Christian Life

Learning to Live and Love Like Jesus   Book recommendation.  Broken up into 52 sections, you can read one a week, or at your own pace, in a group (ideal) or on your own. Powerful discussion of how to grow as a disciple of Jesus. “You’ll walk away with a fresh sense of God’s presence, hope that leads to new possibilities, and a vibrant sense of purpose and mission in the world.”

Difficult Truth About How to Love a Wife    Written in 1991, this article has been used for a number of years by one of the speakers at “Weekends To Remember Conferences.” This past week I felt an urge to repost it. Suddenly my inbox was exploding with comments and appreciations. Sometimes, I guess the Spirit of God just decides to speak more powerfully than at other times. If you have the need or know someone whose marriage is teetering on the edge, pass it along.

Book Review: The Storm-Tossed Family, How the Cross Reshapes the Home, by Russell Moore    The church can only survive in America if she wakes up to how the culture is stealing its children.

Science and Technology and Health

New Alzheimer’s Vaccine ‘Could Reduce Dementia Cases by Half’   What a wonderful development. Pray for its effectiveness.   

Noah’s Ark?   Interesting video. You decide.

How Social Justice Warriors are Destroying the Internet    Once again the wit, wisdom and clarity of Ben Shapiro is a gift to our culture.

Parents of Transgender Children Send Letter to AMA    Parents beg AMA to listen to them. There is a growing sense that parents are being drowned out by activists in the debate over gender identification issues.

Politics and Culture

An Interview with Ben Sasse at White Horse Inn    The guys at White Horse Inn do a great job every radio program they do with both their interviews and their discussions. Ben Sasse is a Christian politician we can be proud of.

Hey Millenials, GROW UP!   Thank God for a university President with some guts. Please, hear this message.

Parenting: Our Sports and Entertainment Culture is Hurting Our Kids  Interesting article from Tommy John, former MLB pitcher on how sports culture is injuring our children. Good lesson for parents. Let your kids be kids. Don’t over promote and push for athletic success.

Students Can’t Defend Why Justice Thomas’s Name Should be Removed   So tired. So predictable. So dangerous. I thought you went to college to learn how to think better?

Nicki Haley’s Full Interview in THE ATLANTIC     Impressive woman with a clear moral center and a commitment to telling the truth.

One thought on “Learning to Think Outside of Our Tribes

  1. In the Noah’s Ark story adventurer Ron Wyatt stirs the soul. The university establishment considers him a fraud. He was an anesthesiologist by occupation. I did not stumble on to his works till after his death. He traveled the Middle East and without spending hundreds of millions of dollars found: 1.) chariot wheel remains out in the middle of the Red Sea, along a common sense path that would have been used by a large group walking across the sea on dry ground being pursued by charioteers. Nobody has ever found chariot wheels in the “Sea of reeds,” the proposed path of the Israelites in every Bible with maps that I have ever owned. 2.) a mountain top charred into perpetuity that he believes is Mt. Sinai…A mountain which is hundreds of miles away from the Mt Sinai posted in my Bibles with maps. 3.) A new location for Noah’s Ark. 4.) allegedly lots of other things with Biblical significance. In pictures he does not look like a fraud. To listen to things he is alleged to have said does not make him sound like a fraud. The observation that you posted him (with a disclaimer) and the fact that you have never posted anything Martian (with a disclaimer) gives him even more credibility… but if he is credible, then (again) what does that say about the university establishment…


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