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Turning stones into artBack by popular demand. I am going to start curating content and supplying links from my reading again after a three year hiatus. Many have asked me to continue but it was Mark Smith that was the “last straw” tipping the scales. 

These weekend links, books and blog reviews do not mean that I agree with all of the content or perspective in any particular link. Their presence here means that I found them either thought provoking, interesting, persuasive, funny, useful, sad, informative, inspiring, and sometimes all of those things. I hope they are helpful to my readers.


What Advent Waiting Means for Singles  Too often singles are forgotten in the family celebrations in our churches. Hopefully, this will help some churches change that.

Five Myths About the Bible   You’ve heard some people say some foolish things about the Bible. This article will help you have an answer to their foolishness and it will encourage your faith in a trustworthy Bible.

Affliction and the God Who Teaches Through It    The best interpretive tool you have in your toolbox is a sheet of paper and a pen to write down your reflections on your daily reading of the word of God. They force you to meditate on what you read. Warning: Brief poem included!


John MacArthur on the Primary Role of a Pastor    Short video. Stick to the basics pastor and do the primary task.

Reflecting on the Closing of Many Churches    Thoughtful article from a Catholic perspective on the demise of 20 protestant churches in Washington D.C.. Helpful thoughts analysing culture.

C.S. Lewis and Madeline L’Engle on Telling the Truth through Story  “If you want people to know the truth, tell it to them. If you want them to love the truth, tell them a story.” (Audio file)

We Ought to Expect More from Worship Leaders   He’s right, but we also should expect our criticisms to be saturated with grace and leave space for growth. 

John Chau, Lessons Learned for Missions  Ed Stetzer’s second article on the tragic death of an American missionary.

Politics and Culture

How Should Businesses Respond to Employ Requests for a Place to Pray?  Turns out Democrats and Republicans have different perspectives. But when the request is in the mouth of a Muslims or Christians, the answers are surprising and alarming.

How the GOP Gave Up on Porn    A tragic story and deeply troubling. The moral compromise of the Republicans is a disaster for the nation.

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