A Summer Book for Parents

Viola Regier BookOne of the delights of being the pastor of my current church is the maturity and wisdom of our people. I have never been involved with a church which had so many men and women with advanced degrees in Bible and Theology. At last count, I am aware of 8 other men and women in our small congregation who have at least a Master’s degree in ministry or Bible. But beyond that, the number of missionaries, current and retired, and pastors/chaplains is extraordinary in a church our size.

In addition, I am aware of at least two women in our congregation who have published worthy books for the edification of God’s people. One of those women is Viola Regier. Vi, as she is affectionately referred to by the congregation (and her husband, Del), is a woman who loves God, her husband, her family, people, the Bible and prayer and is one of the great prayer warriors of Manchester Creek. She is among the team of people that I meet with every Tuesday morning to pray for the needs of the church and the revival of God’s people in America.

Vi recently had a book published by Christian Faith Publishers titled STORIES FROM THE HEART OF A TEACHER. It is available through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. (Links provided). I am thrilled to recommend the book as a great summer devotional read for parents. Mom and Dad, if you are looking for an entertaining and productive read to help your elementary or even preschool children learn to do battle with their pride, willfulness, humility, selfishness, forgiveness, responsibility and a whole host of other issues, the first 18 chapters will be just the change of pace you need this Summer. 

Enjoy your summer.

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