Mid Year Report on the Most Read Articles of 2018

Grace StonesIt is encouraging to see that some articles written years ago continue to be read and are being found helpful to people. On the other hand, only one thing I have written in 2018 cracked the top 10 for the current year! So here are some of the top posts for the first half of 2018 with a thanks to the almost 3,000 followers of the ChosenRebel BLOG and the almost 500 email subscribers. Thanks for reading, applying and telling others of the BLOG. 

December 2011   Band of Brothers and What it Means to Lead

Whether you are a pacifist, a pragmatist, or a just-war theory practitioner, there is much to learn about leadership from an analysis of movies like Band of Brothers.

January 2012   Piercing An Ear As An Act of Worship

A worship song built on the back of an obscure passage in the book of Exodus. This brief article has been viewed by almost 18,000 people!

February 2013   The Church is a Whore But She’s My Mother –Augustine

Slam Poetry is the trend on the college campus and this offering from my son has won a huge following through his book “Oh Sleepur!” An audio version of his interpretation of his poem is available at AnthemPoet.com.

May 2017  What Was Jesus Thinking On the Cross?

No meditation on Christ is unproductive when it is guided by the Scripture.

2010   The Poetry Project

The objective is to write a reflection on each psalm in the psalter. Currently covers 45 of the 150 psalms in the Book of Psalms with 52 different poems and commentary.

March 2018   Weep Over the Greatness of the Gospel

Missionary biographies are always great and this one is especially so. Read it and weep over the greatness of the Gospel of God.

A family reunion calls me. 

Delight yourself in the Lord, 
         and He will give you what you delight in.     

Psalm 37:4 (Chosenrebel translation)

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