The Silent Saturday Between Horror and Glory

The horror of Good Friday,
The silence of Holy Saturday.
The glory of Easter.

Who killed Jesus? I did. He died for me and rose for me and lives for me, and is coming for me and all who place their hope in Him.

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Weekend Musings on Holy Saturday

Artist: Correggio, completed in A.D. 1525. Style: Mannerism, Late Renaissance. Oil on Canvas

Sabbatum Sanctum or “Holy Saturday” is the day between the horrors of the crucifixion and the wonders and glories of the resurrection. 

Jesus died at 3 PM on Friday after a three-hour preternatural darkness had fallen over the earth. The Jewish Sabbath was approaching, and so Joseph of Arimathea, a rich man and a member of the council, (see Matthew 27:57ff and John 19:38ff), got permission to take the body of Christ down from the cross and bury it in his own new tomb which he had carved out of rock.

Nicodemus, another member of the council, who had not consented to the decision to kill Jesus, was there to hurriedly anoint the body with about 75 pounds of myrrh and aloes. And then the tomb was sealed before the 6 o’clock…

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