Are You a Church Marketer or a Missionary?

Micahel FrostSome of you who follow this blog know that Michael Frost and I don’t always see eye to eye. We are sometimes sandpaper to one another’s personalities. But Michael is a brother in Christ who I appreciate nevertheless, and one whose thoughts and production are worth considering. 

Some 15 years ago now, Michael and Alan Hirsch wrote a book that many of us think was a seminal book for missional thinking in the 21st century, The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21st Century Church. The title is long and the subject matter is substantive and it was and is a challenge to much that is going on in church planting in the modern church.

A week ago, Michael, wrote a post on his own blog that resurrected that book and tried to extol its seminal formula for thinking about making disciples in the 21st Century. That article is worth reading (as is the book). In the week since it was posted, 12 people have commented on it. My own calculation based on my blog is that every comment represents somewhere between 50-100 readers. I hope Michael’s statistics are better than mine because this brief article on his blog is worth more than 600-1,200 readers. So here’s the link to Michael’s  . . .

Your Fixed Idea of the Church is Turning You into a Marketer, Not a Missionary.

Further Suggestions for Follow-Up

  • If you are a church planter: Give a copy of his article to your leadership team or elders and spend an hour discussing it followed by prayer over concrete actions you can take to align your thinking as a missionary to your community rather than a marketer.
  • If you are a pastor: Do something similar, and you might want to do the next suggestion for your church.
  • If you are a church member, leader of a household: Digest the article and try to make the formula age appropriate for the members of your household. Over a meal, discuss how you can make the gospel of the kingdom visible to your neighbors.

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