Movement or Revival? What do we need?

people-praying-for-revival3I had just finished a message on Deuteronomy 17:14-20, examining the command to the future Kings of Israel of their duty to be men of the Law–of the TORAH. I pointed out the three great results promised in verse 20 would only be gained by following the procedure of verses 18-19. I then suggested that the same procedures would yield the same results for the heirs of the Kingdom who paid careful attention to the study of the word of God in the ways that Kings were commanded in ancient Israel. 

What the future kings needed was the word of God.
What we need is the wisdom of God.
And the process is right there in verses 18-19.

Like I said, I had just finished the message.

He was a career missionary back on a brief furlough and we had just used a video of he and his wife to promote our annual Missions Conference. The service had ended and I approached him to thank him for putting the video together to encourage the congregation. He was eager to discuss the message. He said, . . .

“On the field, this is what they need. They need the word. They need the Book. They need to learn to live by the Book. But so often, when they come to belief through a revival they want to see and feel more revival.”

“I think we have been using the wrong term for what happens when God brings masses of people to Himself. I think we went wrong a couple of hundred years ago. I don’t think what you observe in the field with masses of people coming to Christ is revival.”

“The current word out on the field is “movement”–movements of people to Christ.”

“I think that is a better term. When the Spirit moves to draw masses of people from a region or an ethnic group, or out of Islam, or out of Hinduism etc., it is best to describe that as a supernatural movement of the Spirit of God. But what we need in America, what we need in our church is a revival of passion for God and His word. We need the Spirit of God to awaken our hearts with renewed vigor, passion and love for God.” 

That is obviously not a verbatim transcript of our conversation but it captures the gist of the exchange.

What do you think?

Do we need a movement in America or a revival?

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