Why Reading the Bible in 2018 is So Important

Sunday Musings

Bible study 2Today we begin a new challenge for the church to read through the New Testament and selected portions of the Old Testament in 2018. This is so important. It is important because . . .

  • the law of the Lord is perfect (Psalm 19:7)
  • there is a famine for the word of God
  • it purifies the heart (Psalm 119:9)
  • when treasured in our hearts, it keeps us from sin. (Psalm 119:11)

In my email, there was a notice from Memory Delight (A Bible Memorization Ministry), quoting George Barna who wrote about The State of the Church in 2002 (quotation and statistics below in blue). That’s over a decade ago but unfortunately, I don’t think the situation has changed much. Barna conducted a survey of self-pronounced Christians and what he found about their knowledge of the Bible was pitiful. Remember, these are not just random people off the street. These are people who might be sitting next to you on Sunday morning. Among his findings:

  • 48% could not name the four Gospels. 

  • 52% cannot identify more than two or three of Jesus’ disciple.

  • 60% of American Christians can’t name even five of the 10 Commandments. 

  • 61% of American Christians think the Sermon on the Mount was preached by Billy Graham. 

  • 71% of American Christians think “God helps those who help themselves” is a Bible verse. 

Listen, you may or may not be an American, I don’t know.  But the point is, you don’t want to be a so-called “Christian” but not know what God’s Word is.  You and I should consistently read, memorize, and meditate [on the] Scriptures. 

This way, we’re ready to defend our faith and encourage others through God’s Word. If you feel some guilt with the message today then NOW is the time to change. Get your Bible and start reading. 

Couldn’t have said it better myself. As we move toward the New Year, make your plans to join us in reading the Bible in 2018. For a copy of the reading guide that we are using this year, contact me by email (chosen-rebel@hotmail.com) or the church office at (ManchesterCreek@gmail.com).

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