More Muslims Turning to Christ

Muslims at PrayerThose who are interested in the gospel and missions know how difficult ministry to Muslims can be. And yet, reports continue to stream in of great movements of people from out of Islam toward Christ from all around the world. The standard media is not interested in the story yet. But one day, perhaps one day soon, every knee will bow and call Him Lord of all.

I received my Winter update letter from Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) yesterday and there is an exciting story I want to share with you as we move toward Bethlehem in our hearts this year. My hope is that it will help you experience more of the glory of redemption’s story this Christmas. Paul Becker was an early mentor of mine when I was a young church planter. DCPI, the church planting ministry he founded, was just DCP with the “International” part coming a few years later as God expanded the ministry.

Some years ago, Paul and DCPI were hosting a Lausanne Conference in South Africa and met a young man and recent convert from Islam who wanted to be trained as a Church planter. Recently, that young man visited Paul and Kathy Becker in Southern California where he shared in great detail his testimony of how he came to seek his hope in the Risen Christ. For security reasons, Paul calls him Muhammad. Paul writes:

Muhammad was raised to be 7th generation Jihadist according to Fulani traditions. He promised his dad to be a faithul Muslim and spread Islam by all means, including his blood. With this confession his dad told him, . . 

‘you must know your target, your enemies, the enemies of our religion and Prophet, they are in three categories: 1. Jews, 2. White People, and 3. People of the Book/Christians.’

He was told that in these three categories of people you are to kill them and keep killing them until they confess there is no God but Allah. . . . Hating and killing had been Muhammad’s entire life plan until . . . Jesus entered the scene!

One night while in the fields caring for the cows, Muhammad saw the heavens open up. All the stars and moon fled from his sight and a bright light descended from heaven. The light was brighter than any light he had ever seen. As the light was coming down, he saw in its midst a man wearing a long white garment down to his feet. He stood before Muhammad without ever touching the ground. Everything around him became light! When he opened his mouth to talk, His presence made Muhammad feel half dead and half alive. Then the man called his name in Muhammad’s mother language and smiling said, ‘YESU E YIDUUMA,’ which means JESUS LOVES YOU! After two other visions of Muhammad hearing Jesus tell him of His love, Muhammad became the first in his family to become a Christian. After nearly a decade of unspeakable trials from his father, family and community, he now lives to share the light of Christ with others.

Your Savior Lives!

He walked our soil. He will walk it again. He is coming for His own. And it all started at Christmas when he took on flesh.

Pray for ministries like Dynamic Church Planting International and the making of disciples around the world.

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