Thinking of Doc Halladay

Doc Halladay

An incredibly sad day in Toronto, Philadelphia, and Clearwater, Florida with the news of baseball great Doc Halladay death in a plane crash. It is hard to imagine a humbler great man. Doc was a GREAT pitcher, but everyone who knew him, everyone who competed against him, everyone who studied his craft and his life said that he was an even better human being.

What makes a man or woman great? Truly great?

It’s more than talent.

It’s more than timing.

It’s more than accomplishments.

Truly great men and women have a character that stands out above those around them.

Doc’s character, his work ethic, and yes, his love for others stood out as peculiar–different in a wonderfully inspiring and attractive way.

Without shouting about his faith, he was a leader among men, a servant of Christ and a man that others wanted to be like. In retirement, he continued to serve as the high school coach at Calvary Christian School in Clearwater. 

His loss to the MLB baseball family is shocking and hard. His loss to his family is unimaginably hard. It is impossible that such a large man will not leave a huge hole in the hearts of everyone who knew him.

Pray for his family. They, like those who lost family members in Southerland Springs, TX, are your brothers and sister in Christ. Pray for them both. And for those who love baseball and want to gain new insight on some spiritual principles derived from the work ethic of Doc Halladay, here is a link to an article by Tim Challies from 2007 when the future Hall of Famer was still pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays. It’s just three paragraphs and every word is worth it.

Rest in the peace of Christ, Doc. You will be missed.

Doc Halladay 2

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