“Why We Sing”

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Here’s an article I had to pass on.

Every church I have ever been in, the ones I was the pastor of, the ones I was preaching at, the ones I was just passing through on my way to someplace else, EVERY single one wished they had more.

More vocalists.
More bass players.
More guitars.
More violins.
More cellos.
More mandolins.
More drummers.
More tech people.
More oboes.
More choir members.
More leaders.

And it doesn’t stop with people and instruments.

More equipment.
More lights.
More tech.
More monitors.
More cables.
A deeper platform.
More banners.

And that’s why this link about the best instrument a church could ever have is a congregation with a yielded heart and a raised voice in songs of praise.  THAT is a great instrument in the hands of the Living God. 

Here’s the Link “Why We Sing”

You won’t regret the three minutes it takes to read it or the nurture it will give to your worship experience this Sunday.

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