“Among Cannibals, one feels guilty for not cleaning his plate.”

The world in Chaos

And that is the world we live in.

When the morals and standards of a nation decline, when the standard operating procedure for all things ethical is mob rule, might, power, volume and “outrage” how can any nation survive. 

Forty-two years ago, John Warwick Montgomery, in a tiny book titled THE LAW ABOVE THE LAW outlined the chaos that would ensue in the culture as the United States vanquished and obliterated its Judeo-Christian heritage. The nation had just gone through the nightmare of Watergate (millennials have no memory of it!). The Nixon White House had relied on more lawyers in its leadership structure than any previous administration in the history, setting a trend that has only accelerated since. 

And already in 1975, the code for lawyerly ethical conduct was on shifting sand. Lawyers were encouraged as a part of their training to not bring shame to their profession through unethical conduct. But what if the conduct of the guild, in this case, professional lawyers have so deteriorated that no one knows what shameful conduct is?

Montgomery, with some pith, puts it succinctly:

“When public morals decay and the times degnerate, of what consequnece is society’s approval or reputation for ethical action? If all Cretans are liars, is it a compliment to be praised by a Cretan? And in such a situation, what is the individual or collective conscience necessarily worth? Conscience is environmentally conditioned, and the morals of the time will influence what is regarded as conscionable or unconscionable. Among cannibals, one feels guilty for not cleaning his plate.”  


All of which leads me back to the word of Living God.

Proverbs 29:2

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice,
But when a wicked man rules, people groan.

Pray for the nation and work to put good men and women in office.

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