A Postcard from God

Reading with the Pastor
Luke 19  and  Psalm 100-101

praying the psalms

It has been fun to see how appropriate the coupling of these psalms with the Gospel portions has turned out to be. Today, we read two short psalms and the familiar story of Zacchaeus climbing a tree to get a better glimpse of Jesus. Don’t you wish everyone was as eager to see Jesus and as responsive to the Master’s call?

Psalm 100 is a great psalm to pull out your English interrogatives and answer them from the text of these five verses.

Who?        “All the earth” (vs. 1)

What?       “Make” (vs. 1)
….               “Serve” (vs. 2)
….               “Come” (vs. 2)
….               “Know” (vs. 3)
….               “Enter” (vs. 4)
….               “Give” (vs. 4)
….               “Bless” (vs. 4)    

When?       (see “where?”)

Where?     When we worship (vs. 1)
….               When we come into His presence (vs. 2)
….               When we enter His gates (vs. 4) {When we enter Jerusalem}
….               When we enter His courts (vs. 4)

How?         Singing Joyfully (vs. 1) 
….               Serving with gladness (vs. 2)
….               With thanksgiving (vs. 4)
….               With praise (vs. 4)

Why?         He is LORD (vs. 1)
….               He is God (vs. 3)
….               He has made us (vs. 3)
….               We are His people (vs. 3)  [ Hallelujah! ]
….               He is good (vs. 5)
….               His steadfast love endures forever (vs. 5)
….               His faithfulness is to all generations (vs. 5)

A little psalm, not more than a postcard really, but o how much meat to chew on. Blessing to you as you meditate on the word of God today.

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