How the Church Changes the World

Columbia MudslideImagine your community devastated by floods and a massive rock slide. Before the floods arrived it was already under stress from gang activity threatening the lives of everyone in the region. Imagine over 300 people killed, a similar number injured and more than 100 people still unaccounted for. 

Now let’s count up the destruction and disruption to your church family. Twenty killed, 72 homes of church members destroyed, 22 people missing, 17 families–not people–families who have lost all their belongings.

The Church is designed by Jesus to be an extension of His love on earth. She is to walk out into the world and demonstrate by her love and good deeds and her proclamation of the gospel that she (the Church) is connected to the greatest Lover in the Universe. And though it doesn’t often make the nightly news, that is exactly what she is doing as the Spirit moves through her to change the world.

You have probably never heard of the city of Mocoa, in southwestern Columbia, a town of 36,000 people in the heart of what officials call a “red zone”. A “red-zone” is an area where the government of Columbia has less power than the terrorist organization FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia), who uses the area as a base of operations to cultivate and process cocaine.

But, thanks to Dynamic Church Planting International and some brave sold-out indigenous church planters there, the Church is making a difference. DCPI and local churches are coordinating together to bring relief and the gospel. 1,500 bags full of groceries, toiletries, clothes and shoes, into 200 huge burlap bags, along with gas stoves, blankets, and cots have been packed and delivered. The Church is “bearing one another’s burdens, and so fulfilling the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).*

This is how the Church changes the world.

  • By being Jesus to hurting people.
  • By bringing the hope of the gospel to people in peril and heartache. 
  • By starting new communities where new believers can gather to worship and care for one another.
  • By bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a needy world

Pray for Mocoa and the churches there. And while you are at it, help your church to become this kind of a light to the world—willing to sacrifice for your neighbors who need the transforming power of the gospel in their lives too.

* All data comes from the Summer 2017 newsletter of DCPI founder and President, Paul Becker and his wife Cathy

One thought on “How the Church Changes the World

  1. Christians who rely solely on the Bible need to read and think on the letter of James. Specifically, Chapter One, verses 22 – 23, and Chapter Two, verses 14 – 26. Actions are needed in addition to faith.


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