A Divine Mentor

The Divine MentorI have been home in bed for two days trying to conserve my strength as I battle the flu. It has given me much time to read, between nodding off from exhaustion. One of the books occupying my time is Wayne Cordeiro’s The Divine Mentor (Bethany House, 2007). I have known Pastor Cordeiro’s ministry story for some time and the concepts related in the book but I had never read the book itself. 

But last week I taught my ART OF BIBLICAL MEDITATION seminar in Baltimore for a group of hungry men (and one woman) and it was the book I recommended as a great place to begin the process of learning more about daily meditation on the word of God. Glad I did. 

Here’s a quote from the flyleaf of the book:

In The Divine Mentor, you will discover how to enjoy a dynamic, vital, and intimate relationship with God as you learn to hear Him speak daily through the Bible. You’ll embark on an adventure that will introduce you to His handpicked mentors, men and women who may save your health, your marriage, your ministry and your future.”

The book is not complex. It is simple without being simplistic. It is practical and inspirational. 

If you are looking for a book to inspire both you and the people you are discipling to be in the word on a daily basis, you won’t go wrong with this choice. 

Buy it.
Read it.
Apply it.

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