Sometimes People Hear the Gospel by Accident

UPDATE:  Terry Ivy is a cancer survivor, a husband, a father, a pastor a lover of Christ, an early “BLOG Friend”, and one who has become a dear friend and prayer warrior to me. Though we have only been together in person twice, we have been companions in heart and he is holds a cherished place in the pantheon of my friends. This article, about the extraordinary ministry God has given him training church planters in India (a country he has never been able to visit) and PROJECT INDIA, which he started, is as inspiring today as it was when he frist wrote about it on his BLOG.

I commend him and his ministry to you for prayer and the story for your heart, that you would be reminded again of the power of the gospel and of God’s active hand in the world today.

Indian worshipers

Sometimes, people hear the gospel by accident.

And it still has the power to change lives.

When the Gospel is preached people are changed (even when there are people who hear it “accidentally” as they eavesdrop on the conversation). Read this inspiring short story and pray for the Project India ministry.

Source: A Cry Through The Window

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