What if Teardrops are Blessings?

I was driving back from Illinois in a rented truck to my new home in South Carolina. Talk radio and country music stations were all I could get and I was tired of both. So I turned the radio off and started praying for my kids and the kids of a former staff member from our previous church. About thirty miles down the road, I turned the radio back on and hit the search button and found this song just as it was being introduced.

Within minutes I was in tears, filled up with the longing that the song expresses.

“Oh God, if mercies and the nearness of your presence come in the disguises of storms and heartache, then give me a storm-battered life. Give me them that I might have You. Because I can’t live with the storms without You.”

Do any of us really understand what we are praying when we pray such prayers?


Emphatically no.

But praying such prayers is a moment of clarity on the beauty of Christ and the glory of the gospel. Let Laura Story help you learn to pray. Let her help you learn that, with thanks to John Piper, “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.” Let your heart learn that we are most fulfilled, and grow in the capacity for the greatest joy when we are most delighted in Him.

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