Getting Away for a Prayer Retreat

Marty at Outside Preaching EventI have been looking forward to January 13th.

Tomorrow I am getting away for a long over-due time of prayer and reflection and a bit of planning. The day will be warm. The place I have booked looks inviting and offers lots of locations to walk and pray and I am turning my phone off.

Pray for me.

I need your prayers. Pray that God would refresh my heart, guide my thoughts, and purify my motives. But most of all, pray that I would draw near to Him.

“Our prayers often resemble the mischievous tricks of town children, who knock at their neighbor’s houses and then run away; we often knock at Heaven’s door and then run off into the spirit of the world; instead of waiting for entrance and answer, we act as if we were afraid of having our prayers answered.” 

–anonymous quote

Pray that I wait patiently on the Lord for “entrance and answer.”

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