John Piper’s Advice for Pastors (or anyone who teaches the Bible)


Good teaching is not an accident. It is part of a process that begins in a bowed spirit, proceeds through a rigorous process of study, bathed in a spirit of prayer, and anticipating the empowering of God. John Piper’s advice has always been helpful. Pray with me and for all those around the world burdened with the task of opening up the word of life to hungry hearts. Pray that we would be diligent, faithful, humble and bold. Pray that we would depend upon the Spirit of God to change lives.

“Gladness and gravity should be woven together in the life and preaching of a pastor in such a way as to sober the careless soul and sweeten the burdens of the Saints.”

—John Piper, in The Supremacy of God in Preaching, 52.

John Piper’s advice for pastors
(or anyone who teaches the Bible)

  1. Admit your utter helplessness not only for the task at hand but even to breathe without Him.
  2. Pray for help. Beg for insight, power, humility, love, memory. (Pastor John rises 3.5 hours before worship and then spend two hours reading and praying over the text again.)
  3. Trust God to empower for His glory based upon some specific promise in His word.
  4. Act in confidence that God will be with you to fulfill His word for His glory.
  5. Thank God for the privilege of preaching His word.

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