Praise God with Me

On a morning when we woke up to yet another tragedy in Dallas, …

On another morning when we were reminded that justice and peace are far from us, …

On yet another day when our hope and confidence in the direction of our country has been shaken to the core, …

Would you take two minutes to have your vision renewed? Watch this video and praise God for what He is doing around the world and then, begin to pray Habakkuk’s prayer from Habakkuk 3:2 for our own nation. Pray that what He is doing around the world He would once again do here.


“O Lord, I have heard the report about You and I fear.
 O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years,
 In the midst of the years make it known;
 In wrath remember mercy.” 

—Habakkuk 3:2

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