Continuing to Think about Spiritual Gifts

Think it Through

Spiritual GiftsI am continuing to meditate and read about how to better equip the saints of the church. The last few days have been a rich time of revisiting some of my notes from previous times when I have taught on spiritual gifts. And I have had the opportunity to revise and re-edit/update some old notes, supplementing them with new material and new thinking.

Here is both a great quote and a great idea for how you might approach spiritual gift training at your church from Dr. Earl Radmacher.

“Every pastor ought to have a goal of helping each member to identify his gift, and then to find the place where his gift fits into the total work of the church. It is a rare pastor who has preached a series of messages covering each gift.

I ask pastors I meet, ‘Why don’t you take fifteen weeks and preach on one gift of the Spirit each week and then ask for decisions from your people.’ Ask them ‘What are your gifts? How are you using them?’ and really dig in deep because, as I understand it, shaping up the saints in large part means enabling them to find out what their gifts are and where they can use them.”

 –Dr. Earl D. Radmacher
Quoted in Leslie B. Flynn’s 19 Gifts of the Spirit, (page 15)

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