Why I sit at the front

Here’s a good article that might help you to move up a few seats at church. I would add a number of other positives but this is a very good start. Encourage your pastor and your own heart, move to the front or just a few rows forward. You just might surprise yourself with how much you like it.

Tim Chester

I can’t understand people who choose to sit at the back of church meetings. I understand parents with small children who want the option of taking them out or whisking them off to the toilet. But everyone else?

Some people, perhaps, think they are less exposed to the preacher’s gaze. As a preacher I can tell that’s false. You see over the people at the front. It’s the people at the back who you notice.

It’s also more comfortable at the front. You get more leg room and more oxygen.

But here are some better reasons to sit at the front.

You’re a recipient

When you sit towards the back the majority of the congregation are facing away from you. All you see is the back of their heads. When you sit at the front they are facing towards you. When they sing, they sing in your direction. Half the songs we…

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