Podcast Coming

This Thursday (May 12, 2016), I will appear on Dr. Mark Alan Williams podcast. Mark called to ask if he could interview me on two topics and the first of those interviews will be up on his website on the topic of One-to-One Discipleship this Thursday. I’ll let you know when the second interview will appear when Mark has it scheduled.

To hear the podcast go to MarkAlanWilliams.net any time after Thursday.

About  Dr. Mark Alan Williams

Dr. Williams is a speaker, author, and church leader helping people build their lives on practical, biblical insights. Since 1981 he has been in full-time ministry starting churches, writing resources and training leaders around the world.

Mark Alan WilliamsHe’s been honored to travel to over 50 countries and speak on every inhabited continent of the world. He writes and oversees resources used to train leaders over 20,000 leaders each year in over 90 countries. The materials Mark has written and oversees have been translated into over 30 languages.

His personal blog, normally published weekly on Mondays, is about “Building Your Life on Practical Biblical Insights.” His intent is to help people figure out the world and live a dynamic, God-centered life from an interdenominational Christian perspective.

Mark writes about spiritual life, family, apologetics, leadership and church planting. Unless otherwise indicated, all articles are his own.

In recent years, his site has been read in over 140 countries.

Here are some recent endorsements of Dr. Williams Ministry:

“Loving your biblical responses. So much counseling is a chasing after wind, yours offers such a scriptural bridge.”

–Mike Kellogg
former host of Music Thru the Night,
Moody Radio network and National Religious
Broadcasters Hall of Fame Award winner

“I tell my students at Liberty University, “If you are struggling with issues like anger or other emotions, search for an article on Mark Alan Williams’ blog. You will get practical, biblical advice that will really help you.”

–Christopher Gnanakan, D.Min, Ph.D, D.D
Professor, Liberty University and
Executive Director, OTAN / BTW

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