How a Nation Destroys Its Greatness

Monday is for Discussion

Five principles from Psalm 106. You can search them out for yourself in the Psalm, they are all clear enough. But in the interest of brevity let me just state them and ask a few questions.

  1. It forgets its past.
  2. It murmurs against God.
  3. It yokes itself to false gods.
  4. It provokes the One true God to anger.
  5. It disobeys his commands.

The United States is not Israel. America is not in a covenant relationship to God as Israel was. But these principles and the God with whom we have to do are unchanging. I could ask a lot of questions but I want to focus on just #3 and 4.


  • How has/is America “yoking itself” to false gods?
  • How has/is America provoking the One true God to anger? 

I look forward to your input.

One thought on “How a Nation Destroys Its Greatness

  1. 3. The false gods are legion, not enough space to enumerate. But basically it is an anything but God approach.

    4. By adopting the sin of Moloch. 60,000,000 martyred children cry continuously for justice. The LORD, God the Almighty is grieved and angered and will not stay His hand. I am convinced that this was the final bale of straw.


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