Resolves and Grace

Grace imageGrace.

Unmerited favor. The free and unmerited favor of God whereby He freely bestows His blessings and forgiveness on sinners.

Grace is the healing generosity of God that touches us so powerfully that nothing is ever quite the same again.

—Calvin Miller

A faithful band of men and women at Trinity Church have been seeking revival of their hearts by ruthlessly going after sin that entangles us and instead, fixing their eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-2). This is part four of the weekly encouragements I have sent out for their Jesus-seeking hearts.
Hi all,
If you are anything like me, you had your work cut out for you this past week with Resolution 3. Frankly, my list of people that I might have to make something right with was pretty long and I simply need more time to fit everyone into my schedule. Humbling. Pray for me.mmm

Resolution #3
Make Right Any Wrongs Between Yourself and Othersmmm

So here’s where we have been:
  • Repent of every known sin.
  • Forsake all questionable acts.
  • Make right any wrongs between yourself and others.
Every week, honestly, every day, I need to repent of known sin. You would think after 42 years of walking with Jesus that I would have made more progress but the reality is that I have both made progress and still have more to confess and repent of. In fact, the more I repent, the more I have to repent. It is as if each repentance lifts another set of blinders I had and now I see other areas or attitudes more clearly and have to deal with them.
In that context, it is helpful to remember grace. Isn’t it marvelous to know that every failure of your life, every crappy attitude, every bad response to a spouse, every wicked thought or action has been paid for at the cross by Jesus and that Jesus has extended grace to us?
We don’t deserve it. But He, great Savior that He is, gives us the thing we don’t deserve but desperately need. He give us forgiveness and promises us eternal relationship with Him.
So, remember you are forgiven as you continually seek him and ask him to revive your passion for him.
I’m praying for you and I covet your prayers for me.

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