Controversy Coming

2016 ElectionI’m working on a post that I don’t want to write but feel compelled to because of the political chaos in the current Presidential election campaign. 

The tentative title is Ten Biblical Reasons Not to Support Donald Trump for President. Here’s the first point:

  1. Donald Trump Feeds Anger to Angry People.
    “The anger of men does not accomplish the righteousness of God.”
    (James 1:20)
    No matter how frustrated people are about abuse of law, bad policy, constitutional over-rides, crony-capitalism, failed military policy, racial grandstanding, racism, economic conditions, healthcare …. (name anything else you want to list) … anger is not a good basis for choosing a candidate for dog-catcher let alone President of the United States of America.

Pray for me. Creating controversy is not really my thing but I feel like there is so little discernment about this issue in the “Christian” community that I must speak out.

I don’t want to write anymore until I have prayed a lot more but those are some first thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Controversy Coming

  1. Dear brother, As the Spirit leads!

    Suggestion would be to broaden your scope and address the ten (+/-) scriptural principles that Christians should consider in choosing a candidate to vote for in this election. You’ve got #1 in your sights already.

    This would be a valuable addendum to the treatise you wrote 4? years ago. Or was it 8?

    In Christ and praying for His soon return.


  2. LOL! Yeah, it’s time to revisit the book ‘Picking a President or Any Other Elected Official.’ You would enjoy it. Will see about getting you one. In the mean time will pray for you. Will be interested in your comments. I would never vote for him in the primary but I would consider it if he made the general. I think he would work with Congress if Congress moved legislation to neutralize Roe v Wade. At the same time it must be said that God is not judging us for killing 30000000 babies but for our hearts, as a nation, growing cold toward Him which has fostered callousness toward this holocaust. Not a one issue guy but so few pro life candidates make it to the finals. Is he just strumming my heart strings?? Will pray for you.


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