Come Away Little Man!

Stain Glass of Anselm

Tuesday is for Devotion

Anselm is one of my favorite saints.

Here’s a great quote I just unearthed that I want my heart to be in perfect sync with. Let’s pray together that this will continue to be the beat of my heart and the beat of your heart until our seeking-hearts last beat and we see Jesus face to face.

“Come now, little man, turn aside for a while from your daily employment, escape for a moment from the tumult of your thoughts. Put aside your weighty cares, let your burdensome distractions wait.

Free yourself for awhile for God and rest awhile in Him. Enter the inner chamber of your soul, shut out everything except God and that which can help you in seeking Him, and when you have shut the door, seek Him. Now, my whole heart, say to God, ‘I seek Your face, Lord, it is Your face I seek.'”

Anselm (A.D. 1033-1109)
Source: Eerdman’s Book of Favorite Prayers

I am a little man, an unimportant man, but my glory is that I am His. Your glory is not in your achievements but in your adoption by the King of Kings. 


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