Remembering Him

Wednesday is for Discussion

Giving Hands

All loves, all joys, all pleasures are given as momentary gifts to lead us to long for greater love, fuller joys, unending pleasures, all of which can only be satisfied in God himself. God wants us to long for more than we experience. He wants us to long for Him. The Greatest Being in the universe can only give the greatest gift. He must give Himself.

He did.

He does.

He will.

And that, nothing less than Him, is our greatest hope.

Let’s never forget that the gospel is the story of that giving. It is the story of God giving Himself. It is the story of “the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.” And that gift, that gift of Himself, is the world’s only real hope.

He alone is the Prince of Peace. As you pray for Paris, and Kenya, and Nigeria, and the Middle East, and your own fears about health or relationships or the state of the world—remember that. Remember Him.

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