Four Jewish Men I Would Love to Have as Friends

Monday is for Celebration

Pray for the Peace of JerusalemI’ve never made a bucket list but if I did, meeting these four men would be on my list. All of them are Jewish in heritage.

  • David Berlinsky
  • Michael Medved
  • Dennis Prager
  • Benjamin Netanyahu

They are all over the map in terms of their commitment to Judaism. Berlinsky is a mathematician/philosopher and agnostic. Medved is a social critic, movie reviewer, radio host and very serious about his faith in the God of Israel. Prager is a writer, radio host, thinker and culturally Jewish, warm and admiring of Jewish law but I am not sure how observant he is. Netanyahu is the current Prime Minister of Israel with roots in Philadelphia.

In one month, I leave for Israel and will get to meet Dennis Prager, and who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet Bibi Netanyahu too!

I’m really looking forward to being in the land, on the streets where Jesus walked. I expect many new sermon illustrations, pictures, and historical references will soon pepper my messages at Trinity Church. Pray for me and for a great experience learning and (of course) witnessing for Christ.

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