The Power of One-to-one Mentoring


It’s no secret to readers of this site that I am a huge fan of one-to-one relationships when it comes to forming Christ in others (and our own) lives.

  • Great things happen in small groups.
  • Wonderful things happen in corporate worship.
  • Breath-taking discoveries can happen in personal Bible study and meditation.

One on One MentoringBut for radical life-changing, destiny-altering change, I don’t think anything compares to what can be achieved in one-to-one relationships built around learning about Christ. In the past, I have recommended One-to-One Bible Reading by David Helm. And now I have another great book to recommend.

The Power of One-on-One: Discovering the Joy and Satisfaction of Mentoring Others, Jim Stump (with Frank Martin), [Baker Books, 2014]. Here’s some quotes to whet your appetite.

… the Good News isn’t a principle or a concept. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a living, breathing entity of hope and salvation. And the most effective way to relay the Good News of Jesus is to live it. To be the message, not just preach it. That’s what Jesus did.  (p. 37)

I don’t believe in simply leading others to Jesus; I believe in mentoring them to Jesus and then helping them fall in love with him. (p. 39)

“Sharing the faith and providing mentorship, it seems, does not require the pomp and circumstance of a vast arena–a cup of coffee and open ear will do the trick.”

(Back cover quote from Pat Williams,
cofounder and senior vice president of the Orlando Magic)

“Jim’s discipleship ministry is amazing. He has loved people into a life-changing relationship with his Savior by spending time with them and speaking into their lives in ways that are Spirit-empowered.”

(Jay Barnes,
president, Bethel University, St. Paul, Minn.)

This might be the only book you need to win and make your first disciple for Christ.

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