Some “Faith Affirming” Films are Dangerous

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scott-mcknightI am often surprised by how many people ask me questions about this or that book about the afterlife. People are well meaning, they want to see something in the theater or read a book that affirms their faith in God and their belief in the resurrection. I understand that.

But Dr. Scott McKnight makes a brilliant and important point—we need to understand that “our foundation of information is the Bible and we challenge all experience on the basis of what we find in the Bible.” [emphasis added]

Here’s an excerpt from an important article.

Christian films continue to dominate at the box office thanks to a growing consumer appetite for faith-based entertainment, but one Christian professor says that a particular theme of Christian films and books, namely those about Heaven and the afterlife, could potentially be harmful to Christianity.

On Friday, the Michael Polish-directed feature film, “90 Minutes in Heaven,” which is an adaptation of The New York Times best-selling book of the same name by Pastor Don Piper, was released to theaters across the U.S. It tells the real-life story of a Texas pastor who had a near-death experience and comes more than a year after Randall Wallace’s box office hit “Heaven Is for Real,” which made $101 million during its box office run. It also comes ahead of the highly anticipated Christian drama “Miracles From Heaven” starring Jennifer Garner.

Scot McKnight, who’s a professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois., shared his concerns about NDE-inspired films and the impact that they can have on Christian theology during an interview with The Christian Post on Friday.

“It has to do first with how we learn to believe what we should believe as Christians and our primary source of information — our foundation of information is the Bible and we challenge all experience on the basis of what we find in the Bible,” McKnight told Christian Post.

Please, if you have read any of these so-called “Heaven Tourism” type books, read the full article at

2 thoughts on “Some “Faith Affirming” Films are Dangerous

  1. The Bereans had it absolutely right, Acts 17. If they felt the need to check Paul against the Scriptures, we should do no less with any non-Biblical source of information and interpretation.


    1. Amen. Unfortunately, so many Christians seemed enamoured of these concepts so much that they never do what the Bereans did. We simply must be held captive to what the Scripture actually teaches.


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