By any logical, biological, and theological definition …

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher, was once asked what he would do to set the world right. After thoughtful consideration he answered: “I would insist on the exact definition of words.”

—Jean Garton, in Who Broke the Baby?, 20.

Truth ExposedWe live in a time when words are losing their power through dilution and abuse. People who are emotionally entranced with personality or with the circumstances of others, or the tears of another, are often not tuned in to the way that words are being abused through ambiguous definition.

“Every woman has a right
to control her own body.”

  • “Every woman”  —except for the 50% of women aborted in Planned Parenthood abortion mills. I guess “every” doesn’t mean “every” to Planned Parenthood personnel and the proponents of abortion.
  • “Has the right”   —never an absolute right. No woman or man has the right to get behind the wheel of a car under the influence of alcohol. Children with small pox are not permitted to enter a class room. Nudists are not permitted to enter a public restaurant sans clothing without getting arrested for indecent exposure. The right over our bodies is not absolute.
  • “To control”   —to be in control of something, as Jean Garton wisely points out, ‘is to assume responsibility.’ And the time to exercise responsibility is before there is another life, another body involved. 
  • “Her Own Body”  —but of course, there is another body involved isn’t there? Science has definitively proven that the baby, the fetus (the prenatal name for the baby) is different from the mother. The baby in the womb is not the mother. The mother’s womb is the temporary residence of another distinct human being.

Words have meanings. And we must help people to understand the meaning of words lest we destroy the world by making conversation and truth unintelligible.

“In many valid and legitimate ways, every woman does have a right to control her own body; but, while that right is only partial and not absolute, it is above all not unilateral. Abortion, by any logical, biological or theological standard is, at the very least, the destruction of a separate human body.”

Who Broke the Baby?, 26.

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