Contemporary Writers on the Incarnation of Christ

Monday is for Discussion

One Solitary Life“Christ’s easy yoke drew dozens and then thousands and millions into Christianity, which for the first three centuries of its existence was professed in the Roman Empire under penalty of death.”

“It [the message of Christ] answered, as it were, to the facts, to something deep within men. God crucified formed a bridge between our human perception of a cruelly imperfect and indifferent wold and our human need for God, our human sense that God is present.”

John Updike, “The Gospel According to St. Matthew” in
Contemporary Writers on the New Testament: Incarnation,
Edited by Alfred Corn (Viking Press, 1990), 10.

This one life, this solitary life, this matchless life, has changed the world and continues to change the world. Jesus continues to be the world’s greatest hope. Proclaim Him today. Believe in Him today.

One Solitary Life 2

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