Learning from the Saints of the Past How to Stand in a Hostile Culture

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Belgic ConfessionI was reading, the Belgic Confession this morning before the first service.  (Don’t ask why. I just picked it up and started reading. I think God just wanted to give me one more illustration before I preached.) What I have recorded below was part of the introduction that set the confession in historical context. Guido de Bres, the author of the confession, was a preacher of the Reformed churches of the Netherlands, and died a martyr to the faith in the year 1567, just six years after writing what has come to known as the Belgic Confession.

Will the American Church be as faithful and courageous in our generation as this brother and the brothers and sisters of his generation where in theirs? 

“During the sixteenth century the churches in this country were exposed to the most terrible persecution by the Roman Catholic government. To protest against this cruel oppression, and to prove to the persecutors that the adherents of the Reformed faith were not rebels, as was laid to their charge, but law-abiding citizens who professed the true Christian doctrine according to the Holy Scriptures, de Bres prepared this confession in the year 1561. In the following year a copy was sent to King Philip II, together with an address in which the petitioners declared that they were ready to obey the government in all lawful things, but that they would ‘offer their backs to stripes, their tongues to knives, their mouths to gags, and their whole bodies to the fire.’ rather than deny the truth expressed in this confession.

Although the immediate purpose of securing freedom from persecution was not attatined, and de Bres himself fell as one of the many thousands who sealedd their faith with their lives, his work has endured and will continue to endure.

Here’s another link to a Trevan Wax “rewrite” of Daniel 3. It was written in February of 2014 and packs a powerful application for all who stand for the truth of the word of God.  If Daniel 3 Were Written Today.

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